sustainability, care for the environmentThe Zen Tea Co. Matcha is 100% Organic! and from a sustainable Japanese tea plantation.

Our matcha is certified organic to take care of your body and preserve the environment. Organic means we follow the natural rhythm of the Nature and our matcha is grown on lands free of pesticides and every batch is carefully checked for potential chemical residue.

Fulfillment and delivery

We have partnered with a UK fulfilment centre that cares for the environment and sustainability.
  • The warehouses are 20% more efficient than the UKWA guidelines

  • All of the packaging is certified by the forestry commission (which means it comes from sustainable sources) 

  • They are introducing eco-friendly sustainably sourced warehouse racking (rather than the traditional cheap mass produced metal racking that nearly all other fulfilment house have)

  • Strict recycling policy on all areas of the warehouse

Our commitment for the future:

At The Zen Tea Co. we are committed to improve the packaging and we are working on finding more sustainable solutions for the materials we use. We aim to find 100% recyclable packaging.