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The Zen Tea Co.  matcha tea for RETAILERS

Why The Zen Tea Co. matcha tea?

At The Zen Tea Co, we have a story to tell! We offer the highest grade of ceremonial matcha tea, sourced in Uji, Japan, meticulously cultivated on a family-owned organic tea land and harvested twenty days after being shaded to increase the concentration of chlorophyll, L-theanine and anti-oxidants. We also offer a range of gift sets and tea accessories for your business.


Why The Zen Tea Co. matcha tea?

We have carefully selected a range of matcha in bulk which will satisfied all your needs, from matcha culinary use for your bakery, to premium matcha for lattes in your coffee shop; from the best flavour and colour for your restaurant’s desserts to the highest ceremonial grade to serve straight in your tea room.


Why would you want matcha in your business?

Matcha has recently become very trendy and someone estimates an impressive exponential growth in the next few years, it’s time to act now! A recent survey revealed that over 85% of consumers would like to see matcha tea in more places, not only to buy for personal use, but also in coffee shops and in confectionary products.
And goes without saying that most likely your customers too would love more matcha! With matcha tea you can:

  • Boost your customers health
  • Get a vegan ingredient for your production
  • Widen your menu offer
  • Add a premium addition to your tea menu
  • Be up to date with the healthy trends
What The Zen Tea Co. does for all wholesale customers?


  • Tea training
  • Tea tasting sessions
  • Recipes for drinks, including straight matcha, lattes, smoothies and other drinks
  • Baking and confectionary recipes and training
  • Menu consulting
  • Matcha quality guaranteed



Why us?

We partnered with several B2B platforms for retailers and we can offer loads of convenient conditions for you to try out our products in your store with very low risk and commitment from your side such as:

  • Buy now, pay 60 days later* – how cool is that?
  • Free returns & free shipping* – yes, that’s right!
  • Money off your first order* – you’ll love this one!
  • Very low Minimum Order* – yeah, why buy loads if you just want to try it first?

(*all the above can be combined! Terms and conditions apply depending on the platform used)


Have a look at our range of Matcha in bulk, click here.

Drop us an email today to find out our complete offer and how we can support your business with bespoke training and consulting, sales@thezentea.co.uk or get in touch



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