Plant A Tree With Every Order

The Zen Tea Co. x Ecologi
We will plant a tree on your behalf every time you place an order with us!
We have partnered with climate-positive Ecologi, a UK environmental organisation, certified B Corp, that funds projects with the aim to reverse climate change.

"We believe everyone

should have access to

the best solutions to save

our Planet"

- Ecologi


Help us actively plant trees to offset our carbon now and in the future through our partnership with Ecologi: we will donate to plant a tree with every order you place with us!
Ecologi choose where the need is greatest around the world, and when you place an order on our website we will automatically donate to plant a tree for you! You don't need to do anything else, sit back and relax: by purchasing your favourite Matcha Tea together we are doing a bit more to look after our Planet.
See our forest growing and feel free to donate more trees!
We plant trees with Ecologi
Ecologi was created so individuals and companies can collectively come together to tackle the climate crisis. Ecologi allows individuals and companies to compensate and reduce their carbon footprint and at the same time, fund innovative climate projects.
"The restoration of trees remains
among the most effective strategies for
climate change mitigation"
Want to do more? If you sign up to Ecologi through our referral link below we will both receive 30 sparkle trees!
Ecologi are UK environmental organisation that plant trees and with your help we are funding the best climate crisis projects through them: they’re on a mission to plant one billion trees and we are proud to do our bit.
Is carbon offsetting enough?

When done properly, carbon offsetting is a useful tool to help combat climate change. But it’s not a solution. We cannot plant enough trees to keep up with the huge amounts of greenhouse gases we’re pumping into the environment every day.

That’s why we will keep looking for ways to lower our environmental impact and do business in a better way.


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