Bamboo spoon - Traditional Japanese chashaku

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The Zen Tea Co.
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Experience the Japanese tea ceremony in a traditional way! The peculiar bamboo matcha spoon is called chasaku and is used to scoop the right amount of matcha into your bowl!

The Zen Tea Co. bamboo matcha spoon is a fundamental addition to your matcha ritual. The specific design of this tool will allow you to safely move the matcha powder from your tin to your bowl. The chashaku will recreate the full beauty of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

The Zen Tea Co. chashaku is made with pure bamboo and it will take you straight into the authenticity of the ever-fascinating Japanese tea atmosphere!

  • Essential traditional tool
  • 100% real bamboo
  • Artfully handmade
  • Durable and environmentally friendly.
  • Each scoop holds between 1 and 2 g of matcha powder for the perfect dose!

Care instructions: the bamboo spoon is not dishwasher safe. Simply rinse with water and allow to dry before store away.