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Organic Emerald Ceremonial Matcha Contemporary Gift Set | Matcha starting kit

Organic Emerald Ceremonial Matcha Contemporary Gift Set | Matcha starting kit

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New batch back in stock with new size tin! More Matcha, more Zen: this set contains the new 40g Organic Emerald Matcha tin.

 The gift set includes the essentials for a contemporary matcha experience:

  • 100% organic matcha powder, emerald grade, 40g tin
  • rechargeable USB (silver or black) electric frother 2 speed mode - which includes two different whisks (single and double head) to mix your matcha, avoid clumps and obtain the foam layer. Money-saving, energy-saving and eco-friendly. Choose your favourite colour: Silver or Black
  • stainless steel 1g spoon - for dosing the exact amount of matcha you need for one cup (1 spoon equal 1g. - use one or two spoons for one cup)

This set has been put together for you to live or gift a more contemporary matcha ritual, which you can also take with you wherever you go. It's an excellent starter kit to introduce the ritual of matcha in your life - and to make perfect foamy matcha tea: it includes our 100% organic emerald grade matcha green tea (see details below), a stainless steel spoon to dose exactly one gram (use two spoons) which is also machine washable and a rechargeable USB electric frother which will help you obtain the typical foam layer and prevent lumps - and sometimes to make the perfect matcha latte.

Available with Silver or Black USB frother!

Matcha tea characteristic and benefits for you:

  • Rich in anti-oxidants, which help keep you young and healthy
  • Provides sustained energy, no more energy crash that drops too quickly
  • Accelerates metabolism and helps your body burn calories up to 4 times quicker
  • Naturally detoxifies the body and helps expel chemicals and maintain blood alkalinity
  • Releases tension and stress and helps with focus and meditations

Take a few minutes to experience the matcha ceremony, taste the best organic matcha and enjoy this special moment of zen!

Origin: Uji, Kyoto, Japan

Flavour Profile: umami, rich and intense mellow taste

Colour: rich vibrant green

Recommended for: matcha lovers, ideal to drink with water, milk or any type of dairy-free milk

Ingredients:  100% organic matcha green tea. Preservatives free and colorants free

Best before date: May 2025

Storage advice: once opened, use within 60 days for the best quality. Keep lid tight. Store in a cool, dry place away from strong odours.

Certified Organic Matcha

You are in good hands!
Our Emerald matcha powder is sourced in Uji, Japan, where the microclimate is unique and promotes the growing of the highest quality plants. Emerald matcha tea leaves are cultivated on organic tea fields. It's a small family-owned farm and everything is processed locally to guarantee the quality and the freshness of our matcha tea powder. The meticulous process of storage and packaging preserves the quality of our matcha and maintain high levels of nutrients and antioxidants. Its quality is confirmed by rigorous Japanese standards and organic certification.
This means that our Emerald matcha is grown on lands free of pesticides and every batch is carefully checked for potential chemical residue.


100% organic matcha green tea powder. Preservatives free and colorants free.


Uji, Kyoto Prefecture - Japan


Once opened, use within 60 days for the best quality. Keep lid tight/pouch closed. Store in a cool, dry place away from strong odours.

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  • Clean Green Caffeine = Calm Energy + Focus Boost

    Matcha provides a mind-blowing energy that boosts your concentration level in a healthy way, while it helps to reduce anxiety.

    The caffeine contained in matcha can take up to 6 hours to be released completely and so distributed in your body, this means the caffeine process is slower and doesn't hit all at once. The brain functionality gradually increases as matcha energy comes to promote a sharp sense of calm focus.

    If many people switch from coffee to matcha, it is above all for the sustainable energy that it provides with a less harmful impact on the body. Matcha contains caffeine but also contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which is found almost exclusively in shade-grown green teas.

    Associated with L-theanine, caffeine is metabolised more slowly ensuring a gradual release in the blood and over a longer period than with coffee. Your matcha provides you with a stable and longer lasting boost of energy than coffee without bringing on the nervousness that is sometimes associated with it. 

  • More Zen + Better Meditations

    Eisai, a Japanese Buddhist monk, has spent most of his life studying Buddhism in China, and in particular the principles of Chan, “zen”. In 1191, Eisai returned to Japan for good, bringing with him tea seeds as well as the Zen Buddhist methods of preparing powdered green tea.

    Almost one thousand years ago, Chinese Taoists and Japanese Zen Buddhist monks drank matcha to keep calm and keep a clear mind during long hours of meditation.

    Science now confirms the teachings of centuries of tradition: matcha is rich in L-Theanine, an amino acid that promotes relaxation and well-being. L-Theanine activates alpha waves which improve the state of mind and bring a feeling of calm. By increasing the levels of dopamine and serotonin, it also stimulates concentration and the ability to memorize. And although L-theanine is present in all teas, matcha can contain up to five times more than regular teas.

    Whenever you need the extra focus or before your meditation session, treat yourself to a bowl of matcha. 

  • Metabolism Boost + Detox

    Matcha improves your metabolism as it is rich in catechin that can help your body burn calories up to 4 times quicker and aids weight loss. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals that the consumption of matcha accelerates the metabolism: thermogenesis (rate of calories burned by the body) could be multiplied by 3 or 4.

    Matcha naturally detoxifies your body: it is rich in chlorophyll, a powerful detoxifier which helps the body expel chemicals and maintain blood alkalinity. It is the concentration of the chlorophyll level that gives matcha its vibrant green colour. 

    Chlorophyll is a powerful detoxifier that gently helps cleanse the body. It regulates intestinal transit and promotes good digestion by absorbing toxins present in the intestine and thus protects the liver.

    Because matcha is grown in the shade, it is much richer in chlorophyll than regular green tea, making it a top detox. To help you achieve and maintain optimal health, matcha is second to none.

  • Anti-Oxidants + Immunity

    According to the ORAC index, matcha far surpasses all sources of antioxidants such as blueberries or pomegranates, the amount it provides is 500% more than the famous goji berries! 

    Antioxidants neutralise the harmful influence of free radicals, responsible for aging and certain chronic diseases, which appear due to stress, exposure to pollution or UV radiation. One bowl of matcha contains as much antioxidant as 10 bowls of regular green tea: ingesting all the leaves allows you to enjoy all the benefits of green tea unlike traditional infused tea. Matcha restores your body's balance and slows down aging. 

    Matcha is rich in catechins, a particularly powerful antioxidant found exclusively in green tea. Beyond cleansing cells of free radicals and protecting cells from oxidative effects, catechins are known to strengthen the immune system and help reduce allergic reactions, fight infections, and act as an antiviral against influenza. Emerging clinical studies suggest that EGCG could play an important role in cancer prevention, it accounts for 60% of the catechins in matcha. A daily regimen of matcha strengthens your immune system and keeps your body in balance.

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