Organic emerald matcha powder, ceremonial grade

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100% Organic matcha green tea powder - Emerald grade - 30g tin

Our Emerald grade is the highest matcha tea powder grade, sourced in Uji, Japan, meticulously cultivated on a family-owned organic tea land and harvested twenty days after being shaded. First harvest, made in Spring. Ceremonial grade.

Take a few minutes to experience the matcha ceremony, taste the best organic matcha and enjoy this special moment of zen!

Origin: Uji, Kyoto, Japan
Flavour Profile: umami, rich and intense mellow taste
Colour: rich vibrant green
Recommended for: matcha lovers, ideal to drink with water, milk or any type of dairy-free milk
Ingredients:  100% organic matcha green tea. Preservatives free and colorants free
Storage advice: once opened, use within 60 days for the best quality. Keep lid tight. Store in a cool, dry place away from strong odours. Shelf life is usually 2 years 

vegan, organic, no ogm


⁘ HIGH IN ANTIOXIDANTS A cup of Matcha tea contains antioxidants of ten cups of regualar green tea.
⁘ EXCELLENT PURE ENERGY SOURCE Matcha releases energy lasting up to 6 hours with only a third of the caffeine in a coffee. Jitter free energy.
Matcha is rich in catechin that can help your body burn calories up to 4 times quicker and aids weight loss.
Matcha can help prevent illness, can help protect the liver and may help prevent cancer and heart disease.
⁘ NATURALLY DETOXIFIES THE BODY Matcha is rich in chlorophyll, a powerful detoxifier helps the body expel chemicals and maintain blood alkalinity.
⁘ RELIEVES TENSION AND STRESS L-Theanine in Matcha helps reduce anxiety and stress producing dopamine, serotinin and alpha waves in the brain which promotes relaxation. This reduces the effects of stress on the body.


How to prepare a cup of matcha

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Sift 2g/1 tsp of matcha  powder to deep wide matcha bowl

2. Add 80ml of hot water, max 80°

3. With the bamboo whisk and a relaxed wrist vigorously froth matcha making “M” motions for about 20 secs. and until a smooth creamy emerald green foam layer is formed. You can also use an electric milk frother.

4. Sit back and enjoy your cup of Zen.

Gift the ritual of matcha: spread the zen!

This set has been put together for you to live - or gift - the traditional and authentic experience of the matcha ceremony. It's the perfect kit to introduce the ritual of matcha in your life: it includes our 100% organic emerald grade matcha green tea, a bamboo chashaku, the traditional Japanese spoon for dosing the matcha powder and a bamboo chasen, the traditional Japanese whisk which will help you obtain the typical foam layer and prevent lumps. Take a few minutes to experience the matcha ceremony, taste the best organic matcha and enjoy this special moment of zen!

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