Matcha White Hot Chocolate - drink recipe

Matcha White Hot Chocolate - drink recipe

Matcha white hot chocolate recipe

Matcha works very well when matched with something sweet, especially for those who are new to the umami taste of matcha! So we thought, it will be perfect with white chocolate!

We tried this recipe and now we want to share it with you! Here's a very yummy matcha white hot chocolate recipe, quick and easy to prepare! It's the best treat to warm up your soul in winter time!

Please read also our tips at the bottom to make the perfect cup of matcha white hot chocolate!

And before we begin, get some authentic Japanese Matcha powder from our shop The Zen Tea Co.:

matcha white hot chocolate with marshmallow

Ingredients for one cup

  • 4-5g The Zen Tea Co. Matcha powder – we recommend Organic Emerald Matcha or 18 - Intense Green Matcha**
  • 1g Sugar (preferably unrefined or any other sweetener of your choice)*
  • 20g White chocolate chips
  • 120ml Hot milk of your choice, also dairy-free*
  • Whipping cream or marshmallow for Topping


  • Prepare chocolate milk: Melt the white chocolate together with half of hot milk. Stir until smooth in a jar.
  • Prepare Matcha mix: Sift matcha and mix together with sugar in mug, add rest of hot milk and whisk until smooth
  • Put your drink together: Pour chocolate milk into matcha mix, topping with whipping cream or marshmallow and some more matcha powder.
  • Ready to enjoy!



You can add a pinch of salt if you like

*You can use any milk of your choice, also no dairy milk and any sweetener of your choice. For a more intense umami taste, do not add sweetener at all.

**Always adjust the quantity of matcha powder according to your personal preference. 5g of matcha powder will result in a medium/strong umami taste. It's ok to increase or decrease the dose according to your personal preference

Leave a comment and let us know how you enjoy your matcha white hot chocolate, we would love to know!



buy matcha tea here at the zen tea co.


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