Matcha and weight loss: how to use matcha green tea to support weight loss

Matcha and weight loss: how to use matcha green tea to support weight loss

Ok, let me say it right now. Matcha tea, although it’s almost there ahahahah, won’t do miracles by itself but… it will definitely boost and amplify your dieting efforts! It’s been proven by several scientific studies that matcha green tea helps reduce BMI, plus matcha is rich in catechins that can help your body burn calories up to 4 times quicker. That is why we can say matcha tea aids weight loss. Catechin in fact exercise a thermogenic effect, which is the process that burns the fat in your body. That’s the reason why we suggest to look into green tea when it comes to support your diet.

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Other researches have demonstrated that regular green tea drinkers have about a 20-25% reduction in body fat percentage. So reduction of body weight, mass index, waist circumference and body fat are some of the benefits of those who drink green tea regularly. So if you want to lose weight drinking matcha is definitely a good way to improve your metabolism and benefit from all the other matcha healthy properties.

But not only that. Matcha tea has no calories and it works perfectly as appetite suppressant! Every time you crave a snack you can easily substitute it with a cup of matcha! It is very good for those who follow the keto diet (YES! Matcha is keto friendly) or intermittent fasting. And on top of that is an excellent ally to sustain your energy and endurance during work out, even the more intense sessions in the gym, which is obviously another way to support your weight loss.

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How Much Matcha Should I Drink to Lose Weight?

We recommend 3 cups of Matcha tea every day. In avarege you could expect to lose 1.5/2 kg in three months. Imagine when combined with a consistent exercise routine and a balanced diet. Three cups of matcha tea contains about 330mg of catechins which is a sufficient dose to deliver weight loss and decrease body fat according to a scientific research.

Does Matcha Burn Belly Fat?

A study have demonstrated that people who drink green tea (the green tea which contains EGCG like matcha for example) lose 2x the amount of weight when compared to a placebo. These people also lose 4x as much belly fat over the course of three months.

How to Prepare Matcha Tea for Weight Loss?

When preparing matcha tea for weight loss make sure you do not put any sweeter of any sort. Many matcha drink suggestions usually include a sweetener you should avoid, that is refined or unrefined sugar, maple or date syrup, honey, etc. Also remember as a general rule to prepare your matcha with hot water, but not boiling water. The perfect temperature is 80 degrees so that all the matcha benefits can be preserved.

Which Matcha Tea is Best for Weight Loss?

We recommend a ceremonial grade, the highest of all, like our emerald matcha. The highest the grade the better properties and benefits you will drink!

If you want to get advantages and amplify the effects of your diet with matcha tea and experience all the benefits that matcha tea has to offer, you can shop our 100% organic matcha tea powder from our online store!


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