Can I drink matcha before sleep?

Can I drink matcha before sleep?

Before answering the question, let’s gain more information.

Is no secret that several scientific researches have established that matcha tea provides many great health benefits. it can improve your metabolism, help with fat burning, it helps your body expels toxins and your mind releases anxiety and stress and it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, among others.
Matcha was discovered by a Buddhist monk, Myoan Eisai, who realised that drinking matcha greatly improved his Zen meditations by producing a state of calm alertness. Today we know that matcha contains L-theanine which intensifies the productions of alpha waves in the human brain.

However, some people say that you should avoid drinking matcha in the evenings, at night or before sleep because it contains caffeine. So they advise against drinking Matcha at night as the caffeine could keep you awake. Caffeine prevents a rise in melatonin levels which is the sleep hormone. The melatonin levels determine the natural time to fall asleep and wake up. Caffeine remains in your body for 4-7 hours.
Though the caffeine amount contained in a cup of matcha tea is about 50-60% lower than in the same cup of coffee. In addition matcha tea has a heavenly combination, L-Theanine, an amino acid that slowly releases the energy so we can say that it won’t be the same as having coffee or an energy drink before bed. So, unless you are very susceptible to caffeine, you should have no issues in drinking matcha tea before bed and absorb all its benefits while you sleep! Actually, having a cup of matcha before bed can increase your daily consumption of antioxidants, the L-theanine can help you unwind and relax your senses, the power of matcha can help you detoxify your body and it’s also good for digestion.

So there is no right or wrong answer to the question “Can I drink matcha before bed?” as it is a very generic question. We are all different and not everyone will experience the same response to the bioactive matcha components.

Eventually, no one can answer for yourself but you. Only you know how matcha makes you feel and only you can evaluate when is the best time for you to enjoy a cup of matcha. We are now in lockdown and it’s a perfect time to experiment. If you are not busy tomorrow have a cup of matcha tonight before bed (maybe do a meditation) and in a few days have your last matcha at 2pm, then judge for yourself. Pay attention to the quality of your sleep, how you fall asleep, if you wake up at night and how you feel in the morning. What’s the difference? Then you’ll know if having a cup of matcha before bed is good for you!

Having said that, here’s what we think could be good guidelines:

Can I drink matcha before bedtime?

YES IF you are used to have coffee or tea at night before sleep. Actually we recommend in this case you switch to matcha before bedtime as it’s not only much healthier but also more gentle on your body and mind and you will fully enjoy the matcha benefits while you’re sleeping!

NO IF you are very sensitive to caffeine, even though with matcha you won’t experience edgy feelings like you might do with coffee or energy drinks, we recommend you have your last cup of matcha after lunch and about 7-8 hours before you go to bed.

YES AND NO IF you are pregnant or are breastfeeding, you should limit the amount to 1 or 2 cups a day. People with high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, glaucoma, liver disease or anxiety disorder should limit the amount of matcha.

Will matcha keep me awake at night?

Lastly, we would like to reassure you about this: whether you are caffeine sensitive or not you should not experience any disruption in your sleep due to matcha consumption, but if you do, avoid matcha tea after for about 7-8 hours before bedtime and you still can benefit from this amazing superfood!



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