A Taste of Zen: How to Make Creamy Matcha Clementine Ice Drink

A Taste of Zen: How to Make Creamy Matcha Clementine Ice Drink

Creamy Matcha Clementine Delight: the ultimate ice matcha recipe

Welcome to a refreshing and delightful journey into the world of matcha and clementines. In this blog post, we will explore the art of creating a creamy matcha clementine ice drink that perfectly combines the earthy notes of matcha with the vibrant citrus flavour of clementines. Get ready to indulge in a zen-like experience as we guide you through the steps of this unique and invigorating recipe.

Before we dive into the recipe, let's take a moment to appreciate matcha. Originating from Japan, matcha is a powdered green tea that offers a myriad of health benefits. Packed with antioxidants and known for its calming properties, matcha provides the real caffeine fix, a gentle energy boost and a sense of tranquillity. For this recipe we used The Zen Tea Organic Emerald Matcha; alternatively you can use The Zen Tea 18- Intense Green Matcha - you can find both in our shop www.thezentea.co.uk

The Zen Tea Creamy Matcha Clementine recipe

The Magic of Clementines: Clementines, with their juicy sweetness and vibrant colour, are the perfect companion to matcha. Rich in vitamin C and bursting with flavour, clementines add a refreshing twist to this creamy ice drink, enhancing its overall appeal.



  • 100ml clementine juice (or oranges)



Step 1: Preparing the matcha mixture - Start by sifting The Zen Tea matcha powder into a whisking bowl. Add warm water to the matcha powder and whisk vigorously in M motions until the mixture is smooth and frothy.

Step 2: Juice the clementines or oranges to obtain fresh citrus juice. Pour the clementine juice into the serving glass. Add sweetener and mix well.

Step 3: Add ice and the coconut cream for a luscious and creamy texture.

Step 4: Pour matcha over, allow it to cool and chill the drink to perfection and stir well before drinking.

ice creamy matcha clementine drink

To elevate the presentation of your creamy matcha clementine ice drink, consider adding a slice of clementine or orange as a garnish. You can also sprinkle a touch of matcha powder on top for a visually appealing touch.


  • Adjust the sweetness according to your preference.
  • For a unique twist, consider adding a hint of ginger or a splash of coconut milk to the mixture.
  • Experiment with different types of matcha from The Zen Tea Co. shop to explore diverse flavour profiles.
  • Use a whisking bowl with spout, to avoid the mess. You can find a glass bowl here or a ceramic version here.
  • To perfectly measure a gram of matcha, use The Zen Tea Co. stainless steel matcha dosing spoon you can fine here. It will give you exactly one gram of matcha each time, so don't have to guess!
matcha whisking bowls and spoon

This creamy matcha clementine ice drink harmonises the Zen-like qualities of matcha with the invigorating flavours of clementines. Sip this delightful beverage and allow yourself to be transported to a state of calm and rejuvenation.

Feel free to experiment with variations and share your creations with us. Let us know how this delightful beverage has brought a taste of Zen into your life. Cheers to a moment of tranquillity and indulgence!

Remember, the key to a truly exquisite matcha clementine ice drink lies in using high-quality ingredients like The Zen Tea Co.'s matcha powder and fresh clementine juice. So, gather your ingredients, take a deep breath, and embrace the Zen-like journey that awaits you with each sip of this creamy and invigorating beverage.

Enjoy your creamy matcha clementine ice drink, and may it bring you a moment of serenity and joy in every sip. Don’t forget to share with us your drink creations: tag us on Instagram @thezentea


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