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Matcha Bubble Tea - aka Boba Tea

The Taiwanese drink still super trendy around the world!
matcha boba tea

Here’s the 15 minutes recipe to try at home: method and tips to make this trendy recipe in no time!

Bubble tea is also known as milk tea, boba tea, black pearl tea, tapioca tea or zhen shu nai cha, as they called it in in Taiwan, where it was created.
Tapioca pearls mixed inside the tea are gluten-free and flavourless and can be used in hot or cold drinks.


  • The quality of the matcha tea you use to prepare your bubble tea matters! We recommend using The Zen Tea Co. Organic Emerald Matcha, 18- Intense Green Matcha or 15- Yame Matcha.
  • We used coconut milk in this recipe but please feel free to use the milk you like and experiment with different type of milks because each one will give to drink a slightly different taste!
  • You can easily find tapioca pearls in Asian supermarkets or on the internet.
  • We used honey as a sweetener to prepare the tapioca pearl, however you can experiment and try your own. You can also prepare a sugar syrup (stir together 100 g of dark brown sugar and hot water until boiling and sugar dissolves) or use maple syrup.
  • Have your bubble tea soon after making it: the tapioca pearls tend to harden within a few hours. Tapioca balls have the best soft, chewy texture when they’re warm. Don’t let them cool completely so you’ll get the perfect texture.


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The Recipe


PREP TIME: 15 mins
SERVINGS: 2 cups

bubble tea matcha boba tea
Ingredients for two servings:



1. PREPARE TAPIOCA PEARLS: Boil water and add tapioca balls until the pearls start to float to the top. When they are floating, cover and cook. Stir every once in a while, once ready strain tapioca pearls. For best results follow the instructions on the packaging. Add honey to tapioca pearls, so it will sweeten the bubble tea. Leave aside to cool. The tapioca pearls are better warm but not hot.

3. PREPARE MATCHA: Pour cold water in a shaker, add The Zen Tea Matcha tea and shake vigorously for at least 20 secs.

4. PUT YOUR DRINK TOGETHER: Split the tapioca pearls in half in two cups to form the first layer then add ice. Pour the milk and then add the cold matcha as it creates a perfect layer on the milk!
5. Sit back, relax and enjoy! Make sure you take a pic and tag us on Instagram @thezentea


If you want, you can substitute the milk with a fruit juice of your choice! We've tried it with mango juice: slurp!

matcha bubble tea with fruit juice

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