4 Matcha tips for beginners

4 Matcha tips for beginners

TIP 1: Too many matcha brands to choose from

Feeling confused because you are a first-time matcha buyer? - Totally agree, they vary widely in quality. The first important thing is always make sure you are buying 100% pure matcha green tea powder, no added sugar or any artificial. it is also important to check the origin: only Matcha from Japan can be considered authentic Matcha tea. Next step, the most significant distinction lies among the grades. Our premium ceremonial grades is made from the first harvested and youngest tea leaves and has a mellow flavour. Best for if you plan to drink in tradition way - with just water. Also read our matcha grade guide where you can discover how to recognise the different types of grades. 


TIP 2: The fresher the more flavour and benefits

Matcha usually lasts about two years in the original package, however once you open it, we strongly recommend to use it within 2 months for the best flavour and to assure you can benefit completely from its nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. Find out more about the matcha benifts or discover the different type of matcha energyAlways keep lid tight and store in a cool, dry place away from strong odours.


TIP 3: Helpful tools, that’s what you might need

Making a cup of matcha it's as easy as 1,2,3... if you know how to do it! Making a cup of matcha without the right instructions may result in a tea full of clumps with a rough consistency, especially if you just stir it with a fork or a spoon. You can solve this with a traditional bamboo whisk (chasen). Which is particularly designed to break up clumps and will help create a frothy layer of foam on the tea. Alternatively you can use a milk frother. More detailed instructions and tips.

TIP 4: Sweeten the taste

As matcha has a grassy, umami flavour, a taste you may not be familiar with, sometimes it can be challenging for beginners to start with a pure Matcha. If you are new in getting all the benefits from drinking matcha, don’t hesitate to add unrefined sugars or natural sweeteners. Matcha is also very versatile and can be mixed with any fruit, can be used in smoothies and shakes too! You can find more inspiration from our recipes in this blog or download our free recipe e-book, click the button below:


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