Sample - Organic emerald matcha, ceremonial grade

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The Zen Tea Co.
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100% Organic emerald matcha green tea powder, ceremonial grade - FREE SAMPLE, pay for shipping only! The best way to try out our organic matcha.


Our Emerald grade is the highest matcha tea powder grade, sourced in Uji, Japan, meticulously cultivated on a family-owned organic tea land and harvested twenty days after being shaded. First harvest, made in Spring. Ceremonial grade.

Take a few minutes to experience the matcha ceremony, taste the best organic matcha and enjoy this special moment of zen!

Origin: Uji, Kyoto, Japan
Flavour Profile: umami, rich and intense mellow taste
Colour: rich vibrant green
Recommended for: matcha lovers, ideal to drink with water, milk or any type of dairy-free milk
Ingredients:  100% organic matcha green tea. Preservatives free and colorants free
Storage advice: once opened, use within 60 days for the best quality. Store in a cool, dry place away from strong odours. Shelf life is usually 2 years 

PLEASE NOTE: Max one sample per order. UK orders only.

vegan, organic, no ogm