Organic emerald matcha contemporary gift set - Silver

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 The gift set includes the essentials for a contemporary matcha experience:

  • 100% organic matcha powder, emerald grade, 30g tin
  • rechargeable USB silver electric frother 2 speed mode - which includes two different whisks (single and double head) to mix your matcha, avoid clumps and obtain the foam layer. Money-saving, energy-saving and eco-friendly.
  • stainless steel 1g spoon - for dosing the exact amount of matcha you need for one cup (use two spoons for one cup)

This set has been put together for you to live or gift a more contemporary matcha ritual, which you can also take with you wherever you go. It's an excellent starter kit to introduce the ritual of matcha in your life - and to make perfect foamy matcha tea: it includes our 100% organic emerald grade matcha green tea (see details below), a stainless steel spoon to dose exactly one gram (use two spoons) which is also machine washable and a rechargeable USB electric frother which will help you obtain the typical foam layer and prevent lumps - and sometimes to make the perfect matcha latte.

Matcha tea characteristic and benefits for you:

  • Rich in anti-oxidants, which help keep you young and healthy
  • Provides sustained energy, no more energy crash that drops too quickly
  • Accelerates metabolism and helps your body burn calories up to 4 times quicker
  • Naturally detoxifies the body and helps expel chemicals and maintain blood alkalinity
  • Releases tension and stress and helps with focus and meditations

Take a few minutes to experience the matcha ceremony, taste the best organic matcha and enjoy this special moment of zen!

Origin: Uji, Kyoto, Japan

Flavour Profile: umami, rich and intense mellow taste

Colour: rich vibrant green

Recommended for: matcha lovers, ideal to drink with water, milk or any type of dairy-free milk

Ingredients:  100% organic matcha green tea. Preservatives free and colorants free

Storage advice: once opened, use within 60 days for the best quality. Keep lid tight. Store in a cool, dry place away from strong odours.

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