15 - Yame Matcha - 80g Pouch

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 15 - Yame Maatcha - Premium Culinary Garde


15 - Yame Matcha is probably the best matcha choice for a premium culinary use. Contrary to other culinary matcha teas that you may find out there, which are usually made of 3rd harvest leaves or a mix of multiple origin Autumn harvest powders, our 15 - Yame matcha it's made out of 2nd harvest tea leaves, single origin from Yame and it's the only one in our range that deserves to be called "Premium" culinary. So be aware of the harvest when choosing your matcha tea culinary grade. 

This matcha is carefully crafted to accentuate a balanced rich-robust matcha flavour. 15 - Yame matcha is possibly the most common choice for chefs and pastry chefs, baristas and chocolatiers. It has a never-disappointing and vibrant green colour and will add a mellow umami matcha flavour to your recipes. This matcha powder has some pleasant walnut notes with a distinctive light bitterness, typical of the catechins contained in this Japanese green tea. 15 - Yame Matcha is recommended as an ingredient to give a proper matcha kick to your recipes: use it in baking, pastry, confectionary products or beverages. It is also suitable for lattes, cream desserts or smoothies.


Best for: 

  • pastry, baking & confectionary
  • cream desserts
  • matcha lattes, smoothies & beverages


This matcha is made out of 2nd harvest tea leaves, made in late Spring/Summer, after the shading process, which takes about three weeks.


Grade: Premium Culinary 

Origin: Yame, Japan

Flavour Profile: Walnut, rich-sweet mellow umami, pleasant bitterness and astringency in the aftertaste

Recommended useas an ingredient in baking, pastry, confectionary or beverage recipes. It is also suitable for lattes, cream desserts or smoothies.

Ingredients: 100% matcha green tea. Preservatives free and colorants free

Storage advice: once opened, use within 60 days for the best quality. Keep lid tight. Store in a cool, dry place away from strong odours. 

Net weight: 80g


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