11 - Yame Matcha Award Winning - 30g Pouch

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11 - Yame Matcha Award Winning - Superior Ceremonial Grade

11 - Yame Matcha is one of the finest matcha powder in the world, it's an awarded Matcha, issued from an authentic shading culture and recognised by Japanese authorities for its excellence. The tea leaves are carefully selected by the Master Blender for each and every batch. He personally picks the best, youngest & greenest leaves form the tea plant during the first harvest in Spring. And it's because of this that we have the confidence that the quality is not only supreme but also consistent.

This matcha is made out of the youngest, 1st harvest leaves, harvested in Spring after the shading process, which takes about twenty days.

Origin: Yame, Fukuoka prefecture, Japan

Flavour Profile: hazelnut, rich-sweet and mellow rounded taste

Colour: extremely rich and vibrant green

Recommended for: matcha lovers, ideal to drink with water, a real treat to drink just straight

Ingredients: 100% matcha green tea. Preservatives free and colorants free

Storage advice: once opened, use within 60 days for the best quality. Keep lid tight. Store in a cool, dry place away from strong odours. 

Net weight: 30g


• Rich in anti-oxidants, which help you keep young and healthy

• Provides sustained energy, no more energy crash that drops too quickly

• It can help accelerate metabolism and your body burn calories up to 4 times quicker

• Supports the body with the detox process and helps expel chemicals and maintain blood

• It can provide support in releasing tension and stress and helps with focus and meditations
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